Datasets available for Download

We have several datasets available for download.

Visual Event Summarisation Dataset

Image dataset for visual event summarisation evaluation, as detailed in the paper: “Picture the scene…; Visually Summarising Social Media Events”.


Twitter Event Detection Dataset

A collection of 120 million tweets, with relevance judgements for over 500 events.

You can obtain the dataset by agreeing to the datasets agreement, which can be found here.

Once you have filled out the form, you will be given instructions on how to download the dataset.

Flickr Dataset 1: Flickr-PTR + Flickr-AIA)

Image datasets designed with the fair evaluation of automatic image annotation (AIA) and photo tag recommendation models (PTR) in mind.

Flickr-AIA | Flickr-PTR

Flickr Dataset 2: Flickr-POP

The dataset is an extention of the MIR-FLickr1M ( collection and is built with image popularity prediction in mind.

Flickr Dataset 3

A dataset captured from the photo sharing website, Flickr. A dataset captured from the photo sharing website, Flickr.
More Details Dataset

A dataset captured during November 2008 from the music streaming services and catalogue,

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